Two 100-Hour Film Race Projects in Top 15!

Last month, I was in two 100-Hour Film Race teams in Austin.

If you’re not familiar with the competition, it is an International Filmmaking Competition that challenges filmmakers of all levels to create an entire short film in a set period of time — in this case 100 hours.

I challenged myself and joined two teams and shot two films over one weekend… On top of that, I was sick and had a miserable cough. It was super tough to pull off, but we did it, and I found out a couple days ago that BOTH of the films are in the TOP 15 in the WORLD! Crazy!

The premier for both shorts will be in March in Georgia. Looking forward to seeing how we do. In the meantime, here is one of the film’s posters!


Hale Austin Film Project's Filmmaker of the Week

Last week, Aaron was Austin Film Project’s first Filmmaker of the Week of 2019!

Here is a little excerpt of the post:

“Aaron Hale looks like the kind of guy who would gladly help you move a couch, or change a tire. In fact, when you see him on screen, it’s hard not to immediately think "hey, I know that guy." It’s that affability - that off-the-cuff niceness - that might surprise you to learn that he’s also one of the hardest working actors and filmmakers in Austin. He’s living proof that with great work ethic combined with raw talent you can really do anything!”

Check out the rest of the blog post about Aaron, and follow along to see more by clicking HERE!

CLEMENTINE Sweeping Festival Awards!

CLEMENTINE has been making its rounds in the festival circuit over the last few months and is winning lots of awards!

Here are the ones we’ve won (so far):

Austin Revolution Film Festival
- Best in Show
- Audience Choice Award (tied)
- Best Texas Actor (Aaron G. Hale)
- Judge’s Choice for Best Actress (Allison Day)

Flatland Film Festival
- Judge’s Choice for Best Short Film
- Audience Choice for Best Short Film

Austin Under the Stars Film Festival
- Best Comedy Short Film
- Best Actor (Aaron G. Hale)
- M. Night Shyamalan Award for Best Twist


clementine austin rev banner w laurels.png

ICYMI - I wrote and co-directed my first short film, CLEMENTINE, which is currently making the rounds of the festival circuit, and it looks like it is going to premiere on opening night at the Austin Revolution Film Festival in September. 

On top of being selected, CLEMENTINE has also received a half-dozen award nominations at the festival, including BEST TEXAS PRODUCED SCRIPT, TEXAS FILMMAKER OF THE YEAR, BEST TEXAS DIRECTOR, BEST TEXAS ACTOR, BEST TEXAS ACTRESS (Allison Day), and the MARGARET ANN GARZA ACTING AWARD (for best overall actor/actress)! 

You can buy tickets to opening night of the fest at Alamo Drafthouse for CLEMENTINE's first screening here.