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Aaron G. Hale was born in Lubbock, Texas on August 5, 1982. He started piano lessons at age 4 and has been playing music ever since. He has been performing and writing songs since high school, where he graduated in 2000, as Student Council President, and was voted 'Best Personality' and 'Easiest to Fall in Love With' by his senior class. 

Hale went on to get his Associate's Degree in Commercial Music from South Plains College in Levelland, Texas, where he honed his songwriting craft and began touring as a solo artist. He has been traveling across the US, writing, performing and recording his original music since 2005. A few of Hale's songs have been featured in movies and television shows. 

In 2007, Hale relocated to Kansas City, where he married Heather Garth, a multi-talented graphic designer and creative director. They started their family by adopting their son, Arthur, from Ethiopia, in 2011. After Arthur came home, the Hales moved back to Texas to be near family and to thrive and explore in the Hill Country that they love so much. Shortly after moving back to Texas, in 2013, Aaron and Heather welcomed their second son, Golden, to the world.

Now, having a family of four and calling Austin home, Hale has begun a new adventure in acting, screenwriting and directing. Already, he has been cast in many films and is consistently finding work and fulfillment as an actor. He also penned and directed his first (award-winning) short film, CLEMENTINE, which is now available online for viewing. He also wrote and starred in a western comedy, called JAVELINA RUN, that is currently in post-production and will begin making festival rounds in early 2020.

Hale has no plans to slow down and is consistently busy working and writing. With all the successes he has found in his many creative outlets, Aaron is sure to make his mark on the film industry as one of the great actors and filmmakers of his time.